March 2018: Cashmere & Cotton Candy

Although the airplane was four hours late due to fog at the Charles M. Schultz Sonoma County Airport, this belated 39th birthday weekend was sunny, bright, pleasing, emotive, filling & fantastically comfortable.  Music to all our ears!

(MacRostie Winery & Vineyards, Interior By GG, Healdsburg) 

(Photo Taken By CR, MacRostie, Healdsburg) 

(MacRostie, Healdsburg) 



(Photo Taken By MS, Sebastopol)

(Apple Orchard, Sebastopol)

(Apple Orchard, Sebastopol)






(Photo Taken By MS, Thrifty Ice Cream, Pacifica)

December 2017: Low & Dry

This trip to Manzanita, OR was spectacular being that it was sunny (in the 50's), dry, dry, dry & little to no wind.    

(Photo Taken By CR)

September 2017: Maine(ia)

(Hollywood Cinema, Bangor)

(Hollywood Cinema, Bangor)

 (Chase's Daily, Belfast)

(Chase's Daily, Belfast)

(Chase's Daily, Belfast)

(East Blue Hill)



(Carrier's, Bucksport)

(Craig Pond, Orland)

(Photo Taken By MS, Atlantic Ocean, East Blue Hill)

(Garage, Castine)

(Garage Door, Castine)

(House, Castine)

(Living Room, Castine)

(Hallway, Castine)

 (Side Porch, Castine)

(Back Porch, Castine)



(Crossword Maniacs, Castine)

(Actual Maniac, Castine)

(Chachouka By GG)

(Lobster Roll By GG)

(Dyce Head Lighthouse, Castine)

(Photo Taken By GG, Dyce Head Lighthouse, Castine)

(Photo Taken By CR, The Manor Inn, Castine)

(Fungi, Castine)