(Knoxville, Tn) -Efke KB 400-

Individual Prints:
  • Please contact SK (hanskreutter [at] for acquiring prints.
         - 3.5"x5"     (darkroom black & white prints only)
         - 4"x6"        (digital only)
         - 5"x7"        (darkroom & digital)
         - 8"x10"      (darkroom & digital)
         - 11"x14"     (darkroom & digital)
         - 16"x20"    (darkroom only)
  • Custom matting is available in white, black, silver or gold.


Georgene said...

Your prints looked great at Springbox matted in silver. That could be an idea for your "signature". Thanks for inviting us!

Gabby said...

I love the gold and silver matting on the four prints for Splendorporium. They look simply stunning!

SK said...

Thank you. Yes, I love the brown toned prints matted in gold and the higher contrast black & white in silver. They are quite successful compliments to one another. I must thank Nathan at "I've Been Framed" for his superior matting work! He's a rock star.