Completed Shoots

(Sellwood) -Ilford HP5 Plus-

  • Castalia Language Center Website, 2011 (digital)
  • Insights Staff Photo, 2009 (11"x14" darkroom print)
  • Pathfinders Academy Graduation, 2008 (digital)
  • The OCC, Stage Documentation, 2008 (digital)
  • Franke 16th Birthday Party, 2008 (digital)
  • Buckley & Friend Shoot, 2006 (3½"x5", 5"x7" darkroom prints)


Schvonche said...

We get so many compliments on our wedding photos. All my friends' wedding photos are digital, and people really appreciate the time and skill that went into each of our prints.

I love the photos you took in the 'tree house' of my side of the family - the lighting and composition are beautiful. And the one of Carlos' parents captures both of their personalities perfectly - this might be my favorite photo from the whole event! We gave them a print last year for Christmas and they loved it.

Checking your blog every few months is such a treat! I love to see what you see.

Mi Casa Resource Center said...

I love the photos SK took during our wedding in Keystone, Colorado, in 2009. My only regret is that we didn't hire her to shoot the event (though I would have hated for her to miss the party). I much prefer SK's work to the photos from the photographer we paid for.