(~NE Holladay St & 7th) -Ilford Delta 400-

  • One Darkroom Image Selected for Then. Now. Here. Slideshow, Blue Sky Gallery, April 2014
  • Four Darkroom Images Selected for The Farm Show, Lane Gallery, Portland, March-April 2013
  • Editor's Photo in Fresh Cup Magazine, January 2013, page 12
  • Chosen to Participate in the Splendorporium Photography & Printmaking Show, Portland, January 2012
  • Featured in Willamette Week, Alternative Portland Newspaper, December 2011
  • Display of 11"x14" Matted & Framed Darkroom Prints, PCC Division Campus, Portland, November 2011
  • Chosen by Submission for Group Exhibition Photon Extraordinaire, Springbox Gallery, Portland, September 2011
  • Display of 16"x20" Darkroom Prints, PCC Division Campus, Portland, July 2011
  • Group Exhibition, The Manhattan World Culture Open Center, New York 2008
  • First Thursday Group Exhibition, Dynagraphics Art Lounge, Portland 2008


Dawn Bergstrom said...

Congratulations on your excellent job putting this NY show all together!

Rebecca M. said...

WOW. You did a wonderful job on the NY show. Thank you!

Phil said...

Awesome! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for inviting us to your show at Springbox. Your photographs are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Springbox only hung five photos of yours. They were more resolved and stronger conceptually than many of the others there. They looked great and the opening was quite a sight! I think I would have preferred if there was LESS to look at. Thanks for the invite.

Clara said...

I also agree LESS would have been MORE in the entire gallery at Springbox. Also, I think if you had chosen a specific theme to your series of photos, it could have been just a touch stronger :) Beautiful work and it is wonderful to have this experience on your resume!

Victor said...

Your photos look great at PCC. I've never seen the metallic matting before and really like it. I especially like the brown toned "glamorous" print of the high heel on the old truck matted in gold. It works really well!

Michael said...

You need to be a part of Portland Photographer's Forum. They'd love all this 35mm film work. Bunch of old guys there and a curator from PAM. I think the piece "Untitled (Lovely Leg)" is a hit and could go far. Glad we got to interview you at the GAC show.

TT and SB said...

Saw your pictures at the GAC show when we were out in Gresham. LOVED Gremlin! Also nice your 4 photos were towards the end and kind of set off to the side.

Anonymous said...

Good show at Lane Gallery. The "Egg Plants" are my favorite!