Sold Single Prints

(February 2011)

  • Beer Aisle, 2012 (8"x10" framed darkroom print)
  • Push, 2012 (8"x10" silver matted darkroom print)
  • Dollface, 2011 (11"x14" silver matted darkroom print)
  • Trees In Winter Park, Camera Vertical, 2011 (11"x14" silver matted darkroom print)
  • Blast Off, 2010 (8"x10" silver matted darkroom print)
  • Perched, 2010 (11"x14" white matted darkroom print)
  • Paralax, 2007 (11"x14" black matted & framed darkroom print)


Jono said...

I knew you had the camera but didn't know you had acquired the gift. I really dig Dead Seal, Galapagos (favorite) and Anatomical Descent (very Weston). Both are arresting, in that they both make you feel like something has been frozen that is unfinished. Eye over Yelapa is my favorite portrait.

Lori said...

Our Rock and Roll to Baghdad is one of our favorites. Just like you!

Tomas said...

I like walking into my office and seeing the two black and white prints I bought from you Stefania...makes me happy.

Sandra said...

Like your website. I think we found a place at the top of the stairs for "Hell's Elevator."

Catherine A. said...

I love my print of She's Got Hubris. I call it Girl in the Clouds!