December 2013: Tell Me A Story, Ah!

Here are some polaroid images taken with a brand new, all white Fujifilm instax mini 7S (thanks sister,  you always know) while recently vacationing in Astoria, Oregon.  

Top down, left to right:
Truck grill (accidently discovered owner while talking to him in restaurant)
Overlooking Fort Stevens beach (Access B)
Under bridge that connects Oregon & Washington
Lunch at Bowpicker
Puzzle completed
 Atop Astor Column
Astoria Bridge (& small part of tree) from balcony
Lights above The VooDoo Room & Columbian box office

(Astoria, Or) 
-Fuji Polaroid Film- 


CR said...

I love those tiny Polaroids.

SK said...

Me too. Everything turns out good, even when you mess up.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Polaroid shot you sent in Christmas pkg of you both....on the fridge

Glad you had a good vacation which refreshes when it is easy....a good way to start 2014.

Good shots here!

SK said...

Yes! 2014 is off to a good start, ah! Thanks for your comment, Mamacita.