July 2017: 345 For 45

Dad bought this house (built in 1931) in October of 1971.  He & Mom moved out of it in July of 2017.  That's 45.75 years.  It is the place they went together after their wedding on December 31st, the home they raised two children in for 22 years (1975-1997) & the structure that contains/exudes so many memories, ideas, fixtures, patterns, curiosities, puzzles & dreams.

Congratulations on moving on, Dad & Mom!  May 345 Gaylord stand resilient for another 45.


(Back Patio Brick Laid By Dad)

(Stained Glass [on right] Done By Mom)

(Closet Sticker Art By JFK)


Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the floor under the bathtub.

Anonymous said...

Photos are amazing. What a beautiful house!

SK said...

From chipped or dripped paint & torn wallpaper to delicate light fixtures & intricate brick work, there is a lot to look at & love.