April & May 2005: Memories From Temperate Ecuador

El jardinero
(Title Translation: The Gardner, Guápulo) 
-Kodak 400 TX-

(On The Roof Of Igor's House, Guápulo) 
-Kodak 400 TX-

-Kodak 400 TX-

(Graffiti Stencils & Tag, Quito) 
-Kodax 400 TX-

Fuera la dictadura de Estados Unidos I
(Title Translation: Out With The US Dictatorship IQuito) 
-Kodak 400 TX-

(In Alex's Bathroom, Barrio La Vicentina, Quito) 
-Kodak 400 TX-

(Translation: Jesus Loves You, Barrio La Vicentina, Quito) 
-Kodak 400 TX-

The Galapagos Islands, as Charles Darwin told us, is a place teeming with animal life.  Tame animal life that can, in fact, be approached & not fly, swim or run away in fear.  Upon SK's visit there in 2005, she was surprised to find a dead, dried out seal on the volcanic tarred rocks close to the water.  The body & its dark skin was exhausted, flattened & already mostly decomposed.  Yet the teeth, whiskers & eye sockets shone brilliantly in the sun creating an astounding contrast.

I thought, how funny that life & death are such strong contrasts too, here on these islands that are the origins of species.  

(Dead Seal, Los Galápagos) 
-Kodak 400 TX-

Sealed In Sleep
(Living Seal, Los Galápagos)
-Kodak 400 TX-


Jono said...

It is such a delight to find something beautiful that you never foresaw you would see. Would love a print of Dead Seal if you decide to start making money and selling your good eye.

Anonymous said...

Like the gardener and his plastic cape. -ADH

Eva N. said...

Siempre tan original. Gracias por la copia de Jesus te ama.

Mike said...

Reminds me of me in the morning....the bottom print.