March 2014: Off The Grid

Old friends, new friends
Los Angeles-Denny-Portland
Booming bass, custom camping truck
A comfy basement bed & washing machine
One propane heater acquired on foot, with cash, no tax
Stories of family, the new property, past accidents, hopeful futures
Smokes on the porch, some whiskey inside
Pizza delivered, Frank's noodles eaten
NCAA Final Four 
Trips to Fred Meyer
Pictures from foreign lands
Parson's tacos, sugar cookies
A teenage letter revisited
Remembering RAtM
A hike in Forest Park, lunch with Anna
Bratty brunettes to avoid
A private photography lecture 

You are already missed!  Next time, it's off the grid.

(Photo Taken By CD, Forest Park) 
-Cell Phone Image-

(NE Bryce St & 35th) 
-Fuji Polaroid Film- 


Anonymous said...

The sun hits that golden hair just right!

SK said...

Twin angels from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, very nice! Miss you guys already!


SK said...

Nuestra casa es tu casa!